Stoneware and porcelain stoneware tiles are known for their extraordinary temperature resistance and aesthetic qualities. Those characteristics made these materials perfect for residential areas as they offer versatility both for indoors and outdoors. Check our catalogues or see first-hand our samples in the exposition.

Mosaics & Tiles

Mosaics are made of small tiles which arrange in a pattern that enriches the monotony of a single wall covering. Being the most versatile element has made them perfect for special areas such as bathrooms and kitchens as they add a personal touch.

Earthenware tiles

Earthenware tiles are made from clay and water in a cooking process with very high temperatures. This process gives the earthenware tiles extreme thermic resistance and durability. It is the perfect material that lasts for years outdoors or indoors. Come to our exposition and we will advise you to make the perfect choice.

Frames & Accesories

We work with the best brands so we can offer not only the raw material for you house but also for the small details, the frames and accessories that will make the difference. We will gladly help you to get what you need come and see us!

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