Bricks & concrete blocks

Bricks Concrete blocks and work as bones in a human body, they hold de structure in place for the rest to be built upon them. For these reason you need to choose the right one to have a good starting point, come see what we are offering.

Cements & mortars

Adhesive cements and joint mortars are the secret for the right placement of tiles, bricks, marble… For these reason, we only work with the best brands which makes us able to offer a great variety of different products. Como to our exposition and we will help you choose the right one for you.


Beams stand as the holding point for several of the house weight, allowing flexibility to the whole structure. The kind, quality and end construction will be defined by the needs of your project, we will help you get what you need.


Aggregates are grits and gravels, which are often used as primary construction element. They are known for its chemical stability and mechanic resistance. We are aware that they are the second.