Balausters & lattice work

Balusters and lattice work are known for its resistance to cold and to a salty environment near the see. It makes the house look more natural as it allows both light and air to pass through its structure. Do you want to give that fresh touch to your house? Come and we will advise you.


Who has never enjoyed a great barbecue? There is nothing like the experience of cooking meat around the fire with family and friends. Nothing similar to the smell or taste of roasted meat that you have made with your hands. Do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of having your own barbecue, come and see our products.

Wood for the garden

What is better for having a great garden than using a material as natural as wood is? Surely nothing, that is why we offer ecologic railway sleepers. You can have a beautiful garden without giving up ecology and nature.

Artificial grass

If you are tired of trying to grow your grass without any success, we have a solution for you. We offer artificial grass, a great product which combines easy maintenance with a beautiful finish. Come to our exposition and we will show you first-hand what you can accomplish.

Natural stone

If you have never seen the huge variety of stones at your disposal to decorate your garden you should definitely come to our exposition and check our samples. It is a great element to add to your garden which will make it stand out with a touch of your personality.

Pools: accesories & maintenance

When summer heat strikes there is no better pleasure than having refreshing bath in your own pool. However, do not forget about it the rest of the year. You must ensure it will work properly for the summer and we are here to help you. Come to see our products for pool maintenance.